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Audio creation best practice❗️

Last updated February 16, 2024


  • Script: The text used to generate your audio track. You can use our AI script assistant or upload your own written script.
  • Audio configurations: The additional dimensions of your audio track, including voice and music.
  • Segment: Each paragraph of your script is a customizable segment. Audio configurations are defined on a per-segment basis.
  • Preview audio: Generated audio on the script of the specified segment, with all specified audio configurations.
  • Produce track: Reading your full script out loud, with all specified audio configurations.


Follow these 3-step best practice of each segment for efficient audio creation on Wondercraft.

  1. Finalize your script and audio configurations
  1. Make sure you are happy with the segment's script, voice, and music before generating audio for it.
  1. Preview audio
  1. Click on the green circular button on the segment to listen to the audio when read aloud.
  1. Iterate on the audio preview
  1. If you are unhappy with the audio preview, repeat Steps 1 & 2 by editing the script, voice, or music, then previewing audio again.

Only once you are happy with the audio preview of all of your segments, click on Produce track. This action strings together all your segments' audio previews and produces the full track for your audio project.

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