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Set voice for multi-speaker scripts

Last updated February 12, 2024

All Segments

  1. Select any segment, then click on Anna.
Voice selection segment
  1. Pick another voice - Charlie, for example. Make sure Apply to all segments has been ticked, then Confirm.
Charlie selected
  1. All voices in your project are now set to Charlie.
Charlie segments

Note that this selection overwrites the voice for all segments in the track, including any segments above your selected segment.

Selected Segments

  1. Hover over the first segment you want to select a voice in and click on Anna.
  2. With the voice selection panel open on the left, press and hold ctrl for Windows, or command for Mac, and click on all other segments you want to set the voice of.
  3. Select a voice on the left, then confirm. This voice setting will be saved for all selected segments.
Matilda segments

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