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Publishing FAQs

Last updated February 20, 2024


For more information, read our how-to guides on  Downloading & Publishing  here.

Is there one RSS feed for each of my episodes?

No, there is just one RSS feed for each of your podcasts series, containing all of your episodes within that show.

How do I add new episodes to an existing podcast series published on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube?

Find the new episode(s) on Wondercraft, and click on Publish. This will automatically update the RSS feed for the podcast series/show that is already published on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube. Your new episode(s) will appear on these platforms within a few hours.

I have made edits to my published episodes. How do I update my show on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube?

Navigate to the episode you made an edit on. Click on Unpublish then Publish. This will refresh the RSS feed to reflect your recent edits in the episode, and will update this episode on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube within a few hours.

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