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Script editing and audio FAQs

Last updated February 20, 2024


For more information, head over to our comprehensive tutorials on  Script Editing & Audio Previewing  here.

Why did my AI script assistant 'make something up'?

Like all AI models, Wondercraft's AI script assistant can make mistakes and hallucinate. If you based your script on a url, a pdf, or an image, Wondercraft Audio Studio may not be able to access and read that link or that file. Please troubleshoot by copying and pasting the contents into the script assistant.

Why does audio generation take longer now?

We have updated our voice model recently, which means the generated audio now:

  1. Has a lot more emotion and intonation
  2. Mimics the voice clones more closely

The trade-off is that it takes a bit longer to generate the audio. Rest assured that the audio is being generated. Feel free to exit the page and return later.

Send us a message via the chat bubble on the bottom right corner if you would like to be put back on the previous voice model that generates faster.

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