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Configure music

Last updated January 24, 2024

  1. Under each content section, including intro and outro, click on Classic Ride or No Music, the default soundtrack.
  2. Use the list of Filters on the left to filter for your desired soundtrack.
  3. Hover over each song profile and click the play button to hear a sample of the voice.
  4. Set Music Controls before clicking on the song profile to select it.
  • Intro duration: number of seconds at the beginning of this content section for music
  • Fade duration: number of seconds at the end of this content section for music to fade away
  • Intro volume: volume of soundtrack during the seconds set in Intro duration
  • Background volume: volume of soundtrack as background music, after AI-generated audio enters in this content section
  1. Select a configured soundtrack by clicking anywhere else on the soundtrack profile.

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