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Record a clip for voice cloning

Last updated June 9, 2024

For the AI to capture your voice accurately, follow the best practices when recording your audio clip used on Wondercraft.

SpeedSpeak at the pace you want the AI to mimic, and keep it consistently fast/slow throughout the audio clip.
IntonationSpeak more expressively than "normal" speech. It helps if the AI has information about your voice's full range of emotions.
QualityClear, no noise of any kind. Use the best microphone you have to minimize any audio interference.
LengthMinimum 1 minute, ideally 3-4 minutes.
File TypeMP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC
File SizeLess than 10MB

You may also use the sample text below when recording your audio clip:

Welcome to the future of voice technology! Today, you embark on a remarkable journey where your voice becomes a bridge to countless possibilities. Imagine sending heartfelt messages in your own voice, narrating stories that captivate, or guiding others with clear and precise instructions—all without ever speaking a word after today. But first, let’s capture the essence of your unique voice.Imagine waking up to a day where the sun paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, promising new adventures and stories yet to unfold. As you step outside, the crisp morning air fills you with a sense of rejuvenation. Feel the excitement bubble within as you think about the possibilities that lie ahead. Now, let’s shift gears and recall a memory that makes you laugh out loud—the kind of laughter that’s infectious, filling the room with joy and lightening everyone’s heart.But life is a tapestry of emotions, not just joy and laughter. Recall a moment of profound sadness, a time when words seemed inadequate to express your feelings. The kind of sorrow that brings a lump to your throat and clouds your eyes with tears. It’s a vulnerability we all share, a reminder of our humanity.

Now, imagine you’re sharing words of encouragement with a dear friend who’s facing a challenge. Your voice is a beacon of hope and strength, instilling confidence and courage. Feel the warmth in your words, the unwavering belief in your friend’s ability to overcome any obstacle.Next, step into the shoes of a storyteller weaving an enchanting tale. Your voice dances between the excitement of a grand adventure, the tension of looming danger, and the relief of a happy ending. Each emotion is a color, and your voice paints a masterpiece that captures the imagination.As we continue, remember a time of utter surprise, an unexpected turn of events that left you speechless. The shock, the disbelief, the eventual acceptance, and perhaps even delight. Life is full of surprises, and how we react to them adds depth to our character.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Describe the awe-inspiring majesty of a mountain range, the serene tranquility of a secluded beach at sunrise, or the bustling life of a rainforest. Your voice carries the power to transport listeners to these places, sharing your sense of wonder and respect for nature.In conclusion, think about what the future holds, the dreams and aspirations that fuel your journey. Speak of your hopes with conviction and enthusiasm, for your voice is not just a collection of sounds. It’s an extension of your identity, a tool for connection and expression, and now, it’s ready to leave an indelible mark on the world.Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Your voice, with all its nuances and emotions, is now immortalized, ready to create, inspire, and connect in ways you’ve never imagined.

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