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Customize pronunciations

Last updated July 5, 2024

For words that need to be consistently pronounced in a special way, like a name or a scientific term, follow these steps. For pronunciation errors see  here .

  1. In the track edit page ( My projects  ->find the track of interest -> click on Edit), select Pronunciations from the left panel.
Customize pronunciations
  1. Write how the word is written in the Word field, and how it's said in the Pronunciation field.
Customize pronunciations
  1. Check Case sensitive if you would like to configure the custom pronunciation for the specified spelling only, and not its capitalized or lower-cased variation.
  2. Then select the language. The configuration below would mean that Mingqi will only be pronounced as Ming Chee when the script is in English, and not in other languages like Portuguese or Spanish.
  3. Confirm by clicking on Add. You can also listen to an audio preview of this pronunciation.
Customize pronunciations

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