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Add pauses

Last updated January 29, 2024

Option 1

  1. In your script, navigate to where you would want the pause to be.
Pause segment
  1. Press Enter, which splits this segment into two segments.
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 17.34.40
  1. Hover over the 0s in between the segments, then click on + until reaching the desired number of seconds of pause.
Pause seconds
  1. Click on Finalize track.
  2. Your finalized audio track will have a pause in the middle of your specified length.
Finalized track with pauses

Option 2

Add any of the following texts in specified points of the text:

  • Ellipsis (”…”)
  • Simple dash (”-”)
  • Em sash (”—”)
  • Semi-colon (”;”)
  • New line

Option 3

You may also add pauses using the format <break time="1.5s" /> and can be up to 3 seconds in length.

  • For example, "Martin walked down the street <break time="1.5s" /> he looked into the camera and laughed."

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